Healthy Habits

When it comes to kids, Kohl’s cares. We actively support kids’ health and education initiatives in communities nationwide. With over a decade of dedication and hundreds of millions of dollars raised, we aim to give kids a healthier, happier future. Throughout this site, you will find tips and short articles on how to live a healthier lifestyle!

Take Small Steps to Get Healthy

There are hundreds of small steps that can help you and your family to move more and eat better.
Try a different tip each week or come up with your own.

Be Active

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is being active. There are a variety of steps you and your family can take as you make the choice to be active. You don’t have to do anything drastic. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing some yardwork, or walking your kids to school. Be creative! Maybe you could have a dance party? Being active can be a fun family activity, and get your family healthy and moving.

Eat Right

A healthy diet is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Gradually, you and your family can start to enjoy more fruits and vegetables in your diet, reducing sugar intake, and take a number of other steps to help you enjoy a healthier way of life. Each week try setting a new goal for your family to achieve such as eating together, eating off smaller plates, enjoying breakfast everyday, avoiding fried food, and using fat-free products.

U R What You Eat

The nutrients that give your body fuel come from the food you eat. That’s why it’s so important that you eat right, it helps you perform at your best! To help you identify the foods that are healthier try labeling them as “Go, Slow, or Whoa.” “Go” meaning you eat these foods most often. These include foods low in fat, sugar, and calories. “Slow” meaning you eat these foods less often and would include foods higher in fat, sugar, and calories. “Whoa” meaning you only eat these foods once in a while and would include foods that are very high in fat, sugar, and calories.

Smarter Shopping

It can be difficult to find the right food to buy for your family. The healthiest option is not always easy to spot. Try buying foods like apples, spinach, and chicken breast when you’re shopping and keep in mind the “Go, Slow, or Whoa” principle. The majority of your groceries should be “Go” foods and a only a few “Slow” foods. If you plan ahead and have a list of healthy options it will be easier to make the healthier option for you and your family. Before you know it you’ll be grabbing the healthiest items at the store.

Walk the Walk

Your children and the children you care for look up to you. If you don’t think healthy eating and exercise is important, then it is more likely your family won’t take it seriously either. Lead by example and show your family how important it is that they make healthy choices. Help them develop healthy habits as children, you can make it fun for them! Try going for a bike ride together and letting them help you make a healthy dinner! Your actions can help them learn how important it is to eat right, be active, and get outside and play!

Tips to help Children drink more water:

Water is essential for growth and staying healthy. Before your child reaches for a beverage full of added sugars and high fructose corn syrup, try these quick and easy tips to make drinking water more exciting.

Make sure you have cold, fresh water available when you are going outside for any reason. When your child becomes thirsty, it is always good to have a cold refreshment at hand.

Kids also will drink more water if they have a cool sports bottle to drink from. So on yor next outing to the park, the mall, or whatever, plan ahead and pack some water.

If your child currently prefers an unhealthier alternative than water, there are some clever tricks to get them to drink more water. Water with flavoring can be just as appealing to children who are used to soda. Try using crystal light, Gatorade powder, tang, Kool-Aid or other drink mixes to start out with your child. After a short while, you can slowly start using water with a small amount of juice from lemons, limes, or other natural juices to help your water taste better.

Your child might also respond to small incentives for finishing their water bottle. Some parents have found success with a water tracking chart or a small reward for a finished water bottle. Just remember to make it fun and show a good example by drinking water with them. In the end, you may even grow closer to your child through these fun and easy beverage alternatives.

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